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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Happy New Year

Hopefully you had a nice break and feel refreshed and raring to go. A new year is a good time to think about new starts simply because of the date.

Did you make your Big Lists? Have you been looking at them from time to time and reviewing, editing and considering what you wrote down?

Now it's time for some word association. Read your lists and make a new list. This time your list will be any words that spring to mind when reading the words you wrote on your earlier lists.

Just jot down anything you can think of.
listing words that connect to your hobbies and career
For example I wrote Theatre on one of my lists, so on my new list I am writing:
creative                                                  words
exposition                                              writing
director                                                  new worlds
stage craft                                             imagination
props                                                      team work
costumes                                                philosophy
masks                                                     speeches

I will be adding to that and writing out all the thoughts that come to mind regarding each of the other items on my lists.

This is something to be doing over the next few days.

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