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Friday, January 11, 2013

New year and your big lists

We have just a couple of steps left in the preparation stages.

Take your lists and for every word on them look up some alternatives.

This Thesaurus site is a good place to start.
looking up other ways to define or describe your passions
Look up 

Write down all the synonyms you can find for the words on your lists and in a different colour write down some antonyms as well.

This will be your last list and probably the biggest as you will hopefully find a couple of words for every one you wrote on the previous lists.

For example if you wrote Writing  you will get these synonyms:
autograph, calligraphy, chirography, cuneiform, 
handhandwriting, hieroglyphics, longhand, 
manuscript, printscrawl, scribble, script,shorthand
Some of them link to further words you could add.

The next step is the last one in the preparation plan. 

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