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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


The Rat Race. It's a term well known for referring to the competitive world of work but can equally be an apt description of the daily commute, particularly in cities. Fares are rising, often  above inflation. 

The route to work maybe a significant factor in deciding whether to apply for or accept any given position.

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Is working from home a better option 

One alternative to public transport is to cycle and the Government it encouraging cyclists by offering a tax free Cycle to Work scheme. It is up to employers to join the scheme but as an employee you can ask them to sign up. They may then choose which cycle shops to work with so you may find your local bike store is not part of your employer's arrangements. Never the less, finding the right bike and getting to work under your own steam will improve your fitness and your carbon foot print.

In London and Liverpool river boats are a viable alternative to road travel, as well as a speedy option through congested town centres, a river trip can be a calm and relaxing break from the stresses of every day life. 

One option for reducing transport costs and emissions is car sharing. This can be something informal or something your employers arrange, either way it is most effective if people in the car live close together and are based in the same office. It could even be just one part of your commute, consider sharing with neighbours as far as the station, don't forget though that the costs of using a car are not confined to fuel and parking, and be sure that the driver's insurance covers your car share.

If trains are your best options, check out the Money Saving Expert's guide to finding the best value tickets and take some Real Simple tips on making the best of the commute.


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