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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preparing for career change

If you are currently in work or a volunteer role or any other position, but not yet in your dream job, treat it as a stepping stone to your goal.

That is not to say you should spend your hours at work using the internet to find a new job. Look around your offices or workspaces and see what you can learn from it. Even if your aim is to do something completely different, don't forget that a lot of the skills and traits in any job are transferable. Are there opportunities to build relationships appropriate to your dream job? Are there training schemes available, through work or through training providers that will provide extra or essential skills. Can you watch the different arms of your organisation to see how they work and what is or isn't effective, can you learn from managers or directors above and around you? Perhaps some colleagues might even be happy to offer you insight in the field.

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Build relationships

It's worthwhile bearing in mind how you are perceived in your job, it may influence references in the future or your working relationships with people who may one become clients or suppliers. Do you have a messy desk,/craftroom/vehicle? Does your personal presentation project the kind of person you want to be? Does your Facebook profile match that image?

Whatever your current position, try to make the most of any opportunities available rather than simply waiting for a better offer.

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