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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What is a good job?

In recent times there has been a trend towards the idea that a good job is one that requires a degree and a suit and tie. But that concept negates and stigmatises a whole swathe of totally important career choices that include the fundamental work that keeps a society moving. Recent news also suggests that there aren't as many jobs for graduates as in previous times.
Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs, important job, good job, skilled work, vital career, vocation
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Mike Rowe is the presenter of Dirty Jobs and has spent his career celebrating the work done by people in those essential positions, from the teams who replace telegraph poles to the people that have to perform AI on cattle, to other jobs we won't mention here in case you are eating. Once dinner is over though, please take time to watch Mike discussing work that makes the world turn in this Ted lecture.

Mike has also spoken in front of a US Government Committee on the same subject. You can watch him here.

This American article discusses the disadvantages of so called prestigious jobs, while The Guardian has a whole section of articles on Vocational Education.

So what does a good job mean to you? Is it just about the pay cheque or is about what skills you need to call upon every day or the impact your work has on life for other people? 

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  1. This appears to be an excellent scheme being launched in the UK to get people from all walks of life into schools to explain what their jobs involve.
    Would you go into schools to help kids understand what work is really like?


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