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Friday, May 11, 2012

Dream Job - Musician

Who do you work for? What is your job? Where do you work?
I work for myself, playing,teaching music, I work in clubs, festivals, parties and rehearse at home in my cellar!

How did you start in this line of work?
I started cos music was something I loved and was actually quite good at!

How did you find out about the job? Or where did you get the idea?
i was inspired by my fave bands, if they could do it why not me?

How did you get the job?
Got my gigs by self promotion and word of mouth.

What do you do on an average day?
When gigging I prepare healthy nutrition for b4 and after, make sure all my equipment is functional, maybe change strings, charge batterries etc, load the car and drive sometimes up to 5 hours to get to the venue, once there, unload gear and prepare to set up, set up, wait to play, network, listen to other bands, play the set (usually1-2.5hrs), pack up gear, speak and make contacts, take any bookings, sell merchandise, drive home! When not gigging i spend a few hours on the pc, sorting out website and generally networking, then a few hours practice, rehearsal, writing, recording etc all in all about 4-6 hours aday(when not gigging,on a gig day im working at least 12 hrs!)

What’s the best part of the job?
Best part is doing what I love and meeting so many lovely people many of whom become friends for life!

And the worst?
The worst part is waiting around, dealing with idiots and the pressure of continuing to be 100%!

What can you not do your job without - Qualifications, licences, insurance, comfy shoes, eye for detail, sense of humour?
Job cant be done without, humour, patience, tolerance and dedication and much more! (qualifications NOT needed) also i play barefoot these days!

Is there a Society, Association, Union for people in your line of work?
I am a member of the Musicians union.

How much initial investment did you have to spend to get started in your career?
Investment is done on an as needed basis and it never ends, initially a good instrument and amplification, a few hundred quid at the time.

How does the pay and career path compare to other people you know? Can you support yourself, a family, a house on the income from this work?
Pay wise it has kept me afloat and I seem to be no worse off or better than anyone else, eg I've never been in debt! I have suppoorted myself with a bit of housing benefit for over 20 years YES if dedicated this work can provide all family needs and if v successful can make you richer than most (still waiting for that part!).

Does your organisation ever advertise for staff? Where?
I sometimes have to advertise for musicians,word of mouth or on the net.The internet has loads of site dedicated to getting musos together.

What would you be doing if not in this line of work?
If i wasnt doing this I would be teaching and or working with nature and or in some kind of service capacity.
I also have another less unusual job, father of 2 kids. That is the hardest job of all!

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