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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Job search sites

There are many sites providing searches for jobs, the majority are for the ordinary every day jobs but some have the occasional unique position on them.

NORAS monitors worldwide recruitment sites and compares the Job Boards.

EAS this page from the Government's Department for Business explains the regulations that agencies have to adhere to.

The Guardian listed the Top Ten sites in 2008

Job agency sites

Manpower - A well established 'big name' agency. As well as a job search facility, they offer advice and training. Many of the jobs are driving or plant operating, but they also have clerical and sales jobs. The quick search allows you to inout location and keywords while the advanced search includes options such as skills and language.
Reed -  a very colourful site from a well known agency. Includes jobs in a variety of sectors. The search facility allows you to inout salray range, location and keywords.
Select - a bright site, with pictures of buttons and stars that specialises in jobs in admin, legal, medical and accountancy.
Brook Street - quite a dense site from a company that claim to find positions that will advance your career.
Adecco -  a very simple and straightforward site from another big name in recruiting
Blue Arrow - one of the Times top companies to work for with a very simple site

Work Thing - a bright site that offeres advice as well as a job search

 Job search sites

JobSite Slightly cluttered site with a simple search and a range of sectors. Allows you to store a CV online. Also lists top agencies.
Monster A very large and well known site with sites in many countries. Although the front page does not offer sectors it does offer a quick search and several links to their in house advice centres. Allows you upload or create a CV for corporate visitors to access.

A clean, fresh looking site with a simple layout. Has a quick search and lots of jobs by sector. Also offers CV advice and international sites.
One of the biggest sites, it is used by many local newspapers to powwer their own job searches. offers a quick search and a list of sectors and regions on its front page.
A colourful site with lists of sectors on the front page. Offers career advice and a chance to upload your cv.
Very colourful site aimed at graduates. with sectors on front page. Also has advice pages
Clear and uncluttered site, includes sector search and allows you to register your CV.
A clean fresh looking site that allows you to set up alerts and upload your CV
In one simple search, Careerjet claims to give the job seeker access to a massive selection of jobs that are compiled from various internet sources.
A site that links to employer sites for simple applications.

Portal reviews

Jobs1 - a portal to a variety of employment sites in a wide range of sectors. Easy enough to navigate and not too cluttered or confusing. Also offers a How To Search guide.
Job Agencies - an easy to navigate portal with international jobs. Not cluttered with a wide range of sectors listed.
Agency Central - a portal that links to both agencies and search sites. Easy to navigate and uncluttered with top tens of sectors and regions where visitors have searched.
This is a site designed for people moving to Britain, with poor English.
A fairly basic portal with advice and tips

Non-UK sites

Job Hunt -an American portal
An American site with guides to different professions
Slightly cluttered American site with advice pages and offers a Top Ten of other jobs sites
one of Australia's largest Job Search Listing websites

Review sites

Review Centre This is not a very easy site to navigate, but if you do find what you are after you will find extensive reviews by members of the public.
All Jobs UK Provides a star rating for all the job boards, publications and agencies although it is not very clear from the front page, just choose one of the tabs at the top of the home page.

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