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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Traditional Skills

There are a whole raft of traditional skills that are dying out in Britain. This article from London's free Metro paper discusses some of them. (It is a bit slow to load.)

Try the jobsearch pages at English Heritage, the National Trust, National Trust for Scotland, Cadw in Wales, British Waterways for Jobs using some of those skills.

For training, the following offer courses:

Read Dave's Blog on his experience of traditional skills.

The National Trust has blog written by people taking part in their training schemes.

Read a local newspaper's article on blacksmithing and look out for links to other articles they are going to run on other traditional skills, or this article on creating sustainable furniture.

Do you know any good sites related to working with traditional skills. Please let me know in the comments. Any updates will be added to this post, use the search facility on the left of the page to find it again.

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